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Workpiece milling requires a sufficient holding force so that machining is as quick and simple as possible. Permanent magnetic chucks are characterized by simple mechanical operation and they are made of strong neodymium magnets which are an ideal solution for a demanding application such as milling. Electropermanent magnetic chucks are characterized by high safety because there is no risk that the product will be released after power outage.

Among the most versatile permanent chucks, you will find the Neomill Compact, which can be used, apart from milling, also for drilling, planing, and heavy grinding. For variable clamping of small and medium sized workpieces, it is suitable to use the Mastermill electropermanent chuck. An interesting solution for milling, five-axis machining, and heavy grinding is the Neopower chuck suitable for clamping medium sized up to large components.


Magnetic chuck Mastermill

Mill, grind and drill efficiently. Electro-permanent magnetic chuck is used for quickly clamping workpieces and allows industrial machining from 5 sides.

Magnetic chuck Neomill Compact

Take advantage of the high holding force of the Neomill Compact permanent magnetic chuck. It is suitable for clamping workpieces during drilling, planing, grinding and milling.

Electro-permanent magnetic chuck Mastermill 70

Are you looking for magnetic chuck for milling? In this case we have newly the Mastermill magnetic clamping chuck with larger poles than the previous version. These give you more effective clamping power for machining with installed pole extensions.

Permanent magnetic chuck Neomill

This efficient magnet with a high clamping force will not let you down during any operation. You can mill, grind, plane, and drill on it.

Magnetic chuck Neomill Compact pallet

Turn heavy milling and surface grinding of workpieces into an efficient activity due to the Neomilll Compact Pallet magnetic chuck.