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Simplify your work as well as operation of the industrial drilling machines. Magnetic chucks with robust neodymium magnets are provided with a sufficiently high clamping force which is necessary for precise drilling. In addition, you can utilize these chucks also for other applications, such as surface grinding, buffing, and turning. Choose from permanent or electropermanent magnetic chucks.

Neospark permanent chuck besides drilling, is designed also for electrical discharge machining (EDM) and for precise grinding of very small and thin parts. Neopower. It will hold your interest by a powerful clamping force of up to 170 N/cm2 and in conjunction with drilling, it is perfect also for surface milling, routing, pocket milling, and grooving.


Magnetic chuck Mastermill

Mill, grind and drill efficiently. Electro-permanent magnetic chuck is used for quickly clamping workpieces and allows industrial machining from 5 sides.

Magnetic chuck Neomill Compact

Take advantage of the high holding force of the Neomill Compact permanent magnetic chuck. It is suitable for clamping workpieces during drilling, planing, grinding and milling.

Permanent magnetic chuck  Neopower

Use the unique holding force of the Neopower permanent magnetic chuck. It is suitable for milling, drilling, and grooving in workshops and production.

Permanent magnetic chuck Neospark

Also machine hard materials efficiently using the electrical discharge method. Permanent magnetic desk designed specifically for EDM will help you with it.

Magnetic chuck Neomill Compact pallet

Turn heavy milling and surface grinding of workpieces into an efficient activity due to the Neomilll Compact Pallet magnetic chuck.

Permanent magnetic chuck Neopower pallet

Speed up your production with this easily portable permanent magnetic chuck that is suitable for clamping of workpieces during demanding turning of the workpieces.

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