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Magnet technology

Poles  Poloha pólů k délce upínače


In the category of magnetic chuck accessories, you will find the pole extensions by means of which you will conform to the workpiece profile. This you will clamp the workpiece without losing the holding force. In addition, you will upgrade your plant with electronic control units for clamping magnets without which the chucks do not operate because the units control them.

The EP magnet control unit has a significant function also for operator protection: If the holding force is too low, the control unit prevents the machine from starting. Flexible or fixed pole extensions will help you to conform to workpiece shape.


Fixed pole extensions
Conventional (non-magnetic)

Transfer easily the magnetic field whenever you need. You can use the fixed pole extensions which allow high speed workpiece machining .

Flexible pole extensions
Conventional (non-magnetic)

Enhance simply the magnetic field when you need to machine components in the chuck from 5 sides. Flexible pole extensions are excellent assistants.

Control units EM-CU

Control electromagnetic chucks safely using control units. You will protect the operator and make the production process more efficient due to other functions.

Control units for EP chucks EP-CU

EPCU control units allow the selection of individual sections, operate with multiple magnets assemblies and guarantee effective demagnetization.

Laminated blocks
Conventional (non-magnetic)

Simplify your work during machining of uneven or non-uniform workpieces. Our lamellae blocks refine the field generated from magnetic chuck, so you can easily clamp even the thinnest components.