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Magnet technology
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Magnetic chuck for milling Mastermill 70

When to choose a Mastermill 70 SQ electropermanent magnetic chuck:

If you are looking for a versatile magnetic chuck for heavy duty milling and drilling of medium-sized and large workpieces, draw you attention to Mastermill 70SQ chuck. Compared to the basic Mastermill SQ series, the larger 70x70 mm magnetic poles offer higher performance in combination with pole extensions for effective claming of uneven workpieces or 5-side machining in a single setup. For optimum holding force, the required workpiece thickness is at least 17 mm. Thanks to the combination of steel/stainless steel materials on the top plate, this series of magnetic clamping chucks is suitable for dry or MQL machining processes.


  • „Sandwich“ construction of the magnet with upper top plate guarantees the absolute waterproofness and long service life
  • Possibility to machine the workpiece from 5 sides, drill through or machine uneven workpieces
  • The stop blocks can be moved freely to any side
  • Slot round the entire perimeter – for easy attachment to the machine table
  • Possibility to perform through going holes for additional fixing to table
  • 6 m-long armoured power supply cable
  • Possibility to connect a set of several magnets to a single control unit
  • Available also in custom-made dimensions

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Catalog number Height Height [mm] Weight [kg] Availability (approximate) Price without VAT
MM70300420 300x420mm 68,00 58,00 on request
1,777 EUR
MM70300540 300x540mm 68,00 75,00 on request
2,067 EUR
MM70300620 300x620mm 68,00 86,00 on request
2,301 EUR
MM70300820 300x820mm 68,00 114,00 on request
2,825 EUR
MM703001020 300x1020mm 68,00 142,00 on request
3,349 EUR
MM70380420 380x420mm 68,00 74,00 on request
2,030 EUR
MM70380540 380x540mm 68,00 95,00 on request
2,453 EUR
MM70380620 380x620mm 68,00 109,00 on request
2,755 EUR
MM70380820 380x820mm 68,00 144,00 on request
3,426 EUR
MM703801020 380x1020mm 68,00 180,00 on request
4,144 EUR
MM70460540 460x540mm 68,00 115,00 on request
2,742 EUR
MM70460620 460x620mm 68,00 132,00 on request
3,208 EUR
MM70460820 460x820mm 68,00 175,00 on request
4,156 EUR
MM704601020 460x1020mm 68,00 218,00 on request
4,845 EUR
MM70580620 580x620mm 68,00 167,00 on request
3,848 EUR
MM70580820 580x820mm 68,00 221,00 on request
5,019 EUR
MM705801020 580x1020mm 68,00 274,00 on request
6,112 EUR

Detailed description:

Mastermill 70SQ is an electro-permanent magnetic clamping plate with a pole size of 70 x 70 mm, a construction with a total height of 68 mm and a nominal clamping force of 170 N / cm2. Around the perimeter of the magnet is practical offset for the clamps, the magnet also has enough space for through holes.
The standard design includes a quick „bayonet“ coupling connector, stop blocks on 2 sides and a the 6 metre-long armored power cord. All magnetic poles are provided with M8 threads for easy mounting of pole extensions.

Important parameters:

  • Application: Milling
  • Technology: Electropermanent
  • Holding force: 170 N/cm2
  • Min. workpiece size: 150 x 150 x 17 mm
  • Poles: Square – steel/stainless steel combination for high durability and long service life
  • Regrinding limit: 6 mm
  • Pole size: 70 x 70 mm
  • Chuck height 68 mm

Additional information:

Beyond the standard design, the customer can choose:
  • different cable outlet location on the magnet
  • fixed (screwed) el. outlet – the connector is moved to the control unit
  • through going holes for fastening the magnet to the table
  • centering stones and grooves on the bottom side of the body for precise installation (centering with the machine table axis)
  • multi-section chuck (possibility to devide the clamping area into several independent segments)

If you have any questions about the arrangement of the chuck or about the selection of a suitable control unit, contact us. We will be happy to advise you.


  • Machining of uneven parts up to 5 sides
  • Clamping of a wide range of workpiece sizes during milling
  • Clamping of large forms, castings, blocks, structures, etc.
  • Rough grinding of large parts

Scope of supply:

  • Magnetic chucks
  • Side stop blocks
  • Armoured power supply cord
  • Certificate
  • Operation and maintenance instructions

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