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Handling and lifting

Make use of the force and easy control of the lifting magnets in your company. Magnetic tools will replace ropes, chains or clamps during handling and lifting. Your operations will be more efficient, you will save manpower and enhance safety when handling steel products and large pieces of raw iron in smelting works and steel works, workshops and in metallurgical material warehouses.

Among the best-selling ones is the Neo load magnet, which, due to its strong neodymium magnets, meets the high safety requirements and is easy to operate while handling loads. For handling sheets and plates, the GP 250 crane permanent magnet is perfect as you can change horizontal to vertical handling.


Permanent lifting magnet Revolift

After years of experience with our top-quality Neolift permanent lifting magnets, Walmag is coming up with a new product for everyday steel handling.

Permanent lifting magnet Neo

Make use of neodymium magnets that have a higher bearing capacity than other suspension lifting magnets of the same size. NEO is suitable for lifting and handling.

BM battery lifting magnet

Work with an extraordinary lifting power of the suspension lifting battery-powered magnet with remote control. It is suitable where workpieces, forged pieces and metal sheets are handled.

BMP battery-powered lifting magnet

Make operation more efficient with the suspension battery-powered lifting magnet that can easily handle workpieces with uneven and rough surfaces.

Neo Hot permanent lifting magnet

Facilitate workpiece handling in hot environment. Neo Hot permanent magnet for lifting with strong neodymium magnets is suitable for temperatures up to 180 °C.

GP 250 permanent crane magnet

Handle effectively steel sheets and plates from 3 mm material thickness. GP 250 permanent lifting magnets handle one sheet from a stack from 4 mm material thickness.

Electropermanent lifting magnet NEO EP

Handle and lift workpieces with no physical exertion. You can control the electro-permanent lifting magnet electronically, which is why it saves manpower and enhances work efficiency.

Lifting arm Neo HV
Conventional (non-magnetic)

Efficiently manoeuvre workpieces to horizontal machining centres and lathes. The lifting arm with a permanent magnet easily rotates the workpiece by 90°.

MC hand magnet for manual handling

Use the enormous power of the MC grabbing magnet which is designed for easy handling loads – sheets, burn parts and for lifting individual sheets from stacks.