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Permanent neodymium magnetic chucks are specific devices when it comes to turning mostly the round and ring shaped workpieces. The advantage of circular chucks consists in the fact that you have the possibility to machine the face, inside and outside diameters of the workpiece in one operation. The clamping surface forms a compact entity. Thanks to high speed workpiece replacement, you will reach a more efficient production process.

Our customers get to like the Neostar circular clamping magnet in which you can select centre drilling,a precise centre hole, an additional top plate with T-slots or a set of pole extensions. The lightweight version of this neodymium chuck is represented by Alustar, the body of which is made of aluminium. You will get the same holding force with a lower weight.


Circular permanent magnetic chuck Neostar

Do facing work, inner and outer diameter machining of the workpiece in one operation. Permanent magnetic round chuck is perfect for turning and circular grinding.

Circular magnetic chuck Circu EM

Do you need to clamp circular or cylindrical workpieces when machining external and internal surfaces? Get this magnetic chuck to meet your requirements.

Electro-permanent magnetic chuck Circu EP

You can use this chuck for heavy duty turning and grinding on vertical grinding tables. It is suitable for operations with circular or cylindrical workpieces.

Permanent magnetic chuck Alustar

Work with the permanent magnetic chuck with a unique construction with a screw-type switching mechanism when turning and circular grinding.