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Some materials retain a relatively high amount of magnetism after exposure to a magnetic field. To eliminate this, the component must be demagnetized by an alternating magnetic field which is gradually reduced to zero. Our demagnetizers are used for this operation as they can efficiently eliminate the residual magnetism in various materials and workpieces of various dimensions.

The DM table demagnetizer is suitable for flat and small cylindrical parts up to the thickness of 60 mm.

Demagnetiser HD is capable of demagnetizing parts up to a depth of 25 mm.

You can make use of the TDM tunnel demagnetizer for boxes or parts in circular shape with the wall thickness up to 30 mm.

When combined with a belt conveyor, these are ideal in automated plants.


Table demagnetizer DM

The demagnetizer is suitable for quick and easy manual and automated demagnetization of small tools and flat and cylindrical parts.

Hand demagnetizer HD

It will easily demagnetize large and complex components. The hand-held demagnetizer can be used everywhere and it is equipped with a large handle and a push button for easy operation.

Tunnel demagnetizer TDM

For demagnetization of large workpieces and components in continuous operation as part of a technological set.

Digital meter MH-107

Use our MH-107 device to measure the unwanted residual magnetism in materials. The small practical probe is perfect for measuring even on otherwise inaccessible places.