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Magnet technology

Fixed pole extensions for magnetic field transfer

Pole extension

When to choose fixed pole extensions:

Fixed pole extensions allow machining from five sides for workpieces with good flatness. Another typical use is determination of a plane using the flexible pole extensions in the case of machining of irregular components.


  • Transfer of the magnetic field without a significant loss of the holding force and speed in machining
  • Acceleration of work during flat workpiece machining
  • The workpiece is accessible from 5 sides
  • Free access for drilling through-holes
  • Possibility to convert the extensions into various profiles to enable clamping of more complex shapes Possibility to use them as stop blocks for precise placement of the workpiece on the magnet or to prevent the displacement of the component during machining
  • They allow the clamping of straight components in a vertical position
  • They determine a plane during using flexible extensions

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Catalog number Pole shoes dimension Height [mm] Availability (approximate) Price without VAT
(valid for EU flag EU only)
50x50 mm 32.00 6 - 7 weeks
On request
70x70 mm 45.00 on request
On request

Detailed description:

Fixed pole extensions are a useful and inexpensive tool in small-scale production when you need to raise the workpiece so that you can machine it from 5 sides or drill it without causing damage to the chuck. You will obtain higher production efficiency while maintaining maximum holding force. You eliminate undesirable air gaps at the same time. Installation or re-arrangement of the extensions is easily done with a screw.

Fixed pole extensions drawing