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Lifting permanent magnet Revolift

When to choose a Revolift permanent lifting magnet:

The Revolift product is an innovative lifting magnet from Walmag that offers several unique features that make it ideal for a variety of steel handling situations and applications. It is ideal for steel handling professionals, including situations where you need to lift or handle steel materials of various shapes, sizes and quality. Safety, reliability and innovation go hand in hand with Revolift to make your job easier and improve your productivity.


  • Robust lifting eye made of stainless steel.
  • 5-year warranty for the magnetic system.
  • The magnet meets the 3+ safety factor - verified by the tear-off test.
  • Load test feature
  • Top handle position
  • Better ergonomy
  • Simple safety tags
  • Integrated NFC chip
  • Online manual
  • Scratch resistant tags

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Catalog number Lifting capacity Height [mm] Availability (approximate) Price without VAT
(valid for EU flag EU only)
150 kg 123.00 usually in stock
On request
300 kg 180.00 usually in stock
On request
600 kg 184.00 usually in stock
On request
1000 kg 241.00 usually in stock
On request
2000 kg 285.00 usually in stock
On request

Detailed description:

It easily handles flat, round, and cylindrical loads with emphasis on safety and convenience. We test each individual magnet for break-away force with an air gap to simulate real operating conditions. The magnet body is highly resistant to mechanical damage, the bearings are secured, so their life span is longer. The magnet features a versatile lifting eye design for easy suspension. The magnet enables load handling at a maximum temperature of 80°C.

Unique features:

  • Load test feature:The biggest change is a new Load test option. Our unique technical solution of a test position which you can use whenever you are unsure if you can make a fully safe lift in case of irregular material, airgap, thin wall, bigger dimensions, unknown material quality, etc., then your Load test option is always available to show you if your Revolift magnet has sufficient lifting capacity.
  • Top handle position: Another significant improvement on Revolift is the „Top handle position“ closer to the top of the magnet. This design puts us ahead of the competition. The first benefit brings better ergonomics by the handle being in closer reach. The second benefit is a two times average improvement of reaching down into an H or U profile still allowing you to lock the handle in the ON or OFF position.
  • Better ergonomy: From many feedbacks and thousands of services, we found that our handle grip material and shape needed to be improved. We are coming with a massive aluminium cone shape which will better fit into your hand, will eliminate slipping while pulling the handle and will last forever compared to a fragile basic plastic handle.
  • Simple safety tags: We completely rewrote the safety information concerning various material parameters and clearly described the influence of material thickness, and air gap/ surface quality on safe lift capacity. Breakaway force tests were done to map the Revolift performance which is much better than our previous model. We believe that it can‘t be easier for you now to understand what things affect your safe lifting. Odtrhové testy byly provedeny pro zajištění vyšší výkonnosti.
  • Integrated NFC chip: Our motto Smart & Safe receives another dimension with the Revolift. We have implemented the NFC chip technology to lead any smartphone to the e-version of the unique testing protocol for your serial number of our Revolift magnet. Whenever you need to see the actual test certificate just touch the NFC tag with your phone to browse your service options.
  • Online manual: Another smart and practical option is a QR code on our label. This will guide you to the specific Revolift type manual. Now the operator can, at any time, see a full version of the detailed manual which describes almost any risk you need to avoid while using a lifting magnet.
  • Scratch resistant tags: Unscratchable heavy duty tags from special epoxy material ensure you a high readability of information for a much longer time than the regular tags you find on other brands.

Important parameters:

  • Application: Lifting
  • Technology: Permanent
  • Nominal lifting capacity for flat material: up to 2000 kg
  • Nominal lifting capacity for round material: up to 1000 kg
  • Temperature: max. 80 °C
  • Safety factor: 3+ (tested according to EN 13155)


  • Handling flat, round, and cylindrical workpieces
  • Lifting of profiled sections and sheets

Scope of supply:

  • Magnet with label with integrated NFC chip
  • Security poster
  • Certificate
Drawing Revolift
Model W (mm) L (mm) H (mm) Eye diameter (mm) Weight (kg) Workload limit flat materials (kg) Workload limit round materials (kg) Min/max diameter (mm)
REVO150 60 97 123 10 3,1 150 65 50/95
REVO300 100 152 180 16 10,4 300 150 62/197
REVO600 120 246 184 20 20,6 600 300 95/230
REVO1000 146 305,5 241 20 40 1000 500 90/299
REVO2000 165 492 285 20 98,7 2000 1000 160/300