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How to choose a lifting magnet?


Permanent magnetic handling systems consist of highly magnetized materials making it possible to clamp magnetic steel when the materials are in a certain configuration. They do not lose their magnetic force under normal conditions. Activation and deactivation are carried out by mechanical removal of the interior system with permanent magnets. There is usually a manual lever for doing this.

Advantages of the permanent magnetic system

  • Independence on electric power, which means no other operating costs.
  • Simple installation, which means quick removal as needed.
  • The permanent magnetic system does not generate heat so there is no risk of thermal deformation.
  • Robust design, which means maintenance-free operation with a long magnet life span.

Disadvantages of the permanent magnetic system

  • Unsuitable for very large workpieces, with the possibility of using a transom.
  • Modification of activation is necessary in automated system operations.
  • The chuck is not suitable for working with workpieces at temperatures above 80 °C.
  • The HOT series makes it possible to handle materials at temperatures up to 180 °C.


The magnetic field in these devices is generated by coils fed by direct current.

Advantages of the electromagnetic system

  • Depending on the coil size, the electromagnets can generate a very strong magnetic field, which means firm clamping of the load.
  • Thanks to the high magnetic field, it is also possible to reliably clamp uneven loads with larger gaps between the load and the chuck.
  • The chuck can be supplemented with advanced control systems that are able to fluently control the force of the magnet and control the demagnetization cycle. This results in simple removal of the workpiece from the chuck.
  • The possibility to make any chuck size depending on the workpiece size.
  • Operation of the magnets can be manual, automatic, or a combination.

Disadvantages of the electromagnetic system

  • The chuck needs to be permanently under voltage for the working period.
  • For safety reasons, an emergency power unit in the form of rechargeable batteries is required.
  • The coils under voltage inside the chuck generate heat.


Electropermanent handling systems are a combination of permanent and electropermanent technologies. They use the ability of certain ferromagnetic materials to become a permanent magnet thanks to the short action of a strong direct current. They remain in this state without the need of an external power supply. During the demagnetization process, pulses of alternating current will demagnetize the ferromagnetic materials again. An electric current is only needed for clamping/unclamping the load.

Advantages of the electropermanent magnetic system

  • High holding force, which makes it possible to apply heavy milling operations.
  • High level of safety in terms of independence of electric power. The workpiece will not be released even after disconnecting the power supply.
  • Minimum electrical consumption, used for switching ON/OFF only.
  • Operation using the control unit allows its application in automated system operations.
  • The temperature in the chuck does not change in the OFF/ON positions, which means there are no negative effects caused by different temperatures.
  • The possibility to design and manufacture any system regardless of size, which brings in the possibility of a customised solution.

Disadvantages of the electropermanent magnetic system

  • Higher price than that of permanent chucks.
  • Compared to electromagnets, there is a higher sensitivity to the air-gap between the chuck and the component to be clamped.
  • When a malfunction occurs in the control unit, the load can remain clamped.