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BM battery-powered lifting magnet with remote control

When to choose a BM magnet:

The BM battery lifting magnet complete with remote control is a suitable tool for handling on premises where it is otherwise difficult to operate a lifting device manually. The remote control operates up to a distance of 10 metres. It is also used for cutters and flame cutting machines when handling metal sheets and loads up to 5000 kg.


  • New control unit with functions such as Variable Force (to adjust the holding force when handling a particular quantity of sheet-metals from a stack) and Tip-Off (for gradual slackening of part of the load, e.g. thin sheet metal products, such as sheeting)
  • Besides the buttons on the magnet body, the unit can also be controlled using the IR remote control from up to 10 metres away
  • Universal steel lifting eye
  • Safety – synoptic display with battery level LED indicator, blocking of cutting-off during lifting, audible and visual warning signals indicate low battery level

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Catalog number Lifting capacity Height [mm] Availability (approximate) Price without VAT
(valid for EU flag EU only)
1350 kg 460.00 1 - 4 days
On request
2500 kg 460.00 1 - 4 days
On request
3600 kg 460.00 1 - 4 days
On request
5000 kg 460.00 1 - 4 days
On request

Detailed description:

BM is a series of lifting magnets with a battery power supply and high lifting capacities.The magnet is conformable with a safety factor of 2:1, i.e. it can carry more than double its maximum allowed lifting capacity in the tear-away test

Handling using the magnet is very simple and, due to its remote control, it is also comfortable. Altogether, we offer 4 models with different lifting capacities, where the BM3600 model is suitable especially for handling thin metal plates with a thickness of more than 3 mm Power is provided by a 12V built-in battery allowing up to 8 hours of operating time at 50% duty cycle.

There is a safety switch under the lifting eye to prevent switching off during lifting. It is not possible to activate the magnet once the battery voltage drops below the safety level. Additionally, low battery is indicated by visual and audible alarms.

Important parameters:

  • Application: Lifting
  • Technology: Battery-powered
  • Battery: 12 V
  • Battery life: 8 hours at 50 % cycle
  • Nominal lifting capacity for flat material: up to 5000 kg
  • Temperature: max. 50 °C
  • Safety factor: 2:1
  • Guarantee: 1 year


  • Lifting a load with a flat surface
  • Handling, in particular, sheet metal, blocks, forgings, castings, and burn parts
  • Suitable as accessory equipment for cranes designed for handling material for grinders, milling machines, cutters, and flame cutting machines
  • These can be used in metallurgical plants, warehouses, and despatch departments

Scope of supply:

  • Magnet with label
  • Instructions for use
  • IR remote control
  • Certificate
BM drawing


Model Lifting capacity for flat material (kg) W x L of base (mm) H (mm) Weight (mm) Built in battery Type of battery
BM1350 1350 242 x 272 508 60 12V/35Ah FG12 - 35D
BM2500 2500 242 x 400 512 72 12V/75Ah FG12 - 75D
BM3600 3600 240 x 1050 512 180 12V/75Ah FG12-75D
BM5000 5000 300 x 1200 527 203 12V/75Ah FG12-75D