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Rotoflux MD 1375 S magnetic drilling machine

Magnetic drilling machine Rotoflux 1375-S

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The Rotoflux MD 1375-S is considered a remarkable magnetic drilling machine in the range of lightweight versatile drilling machines. It makes use of a special lubrication method utilising nanotechnologies, which extends the life span of individual mechanical components.


  • Special lubrication method extending the life span
  • Rotational speeds of 100 - 280 min-1 and 185 -530 min-1
  • Holding force of the clamping magnet of 1850 kg
  • Safe drilling into steel and iron and in heavy-duty operating conditions

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Catalog number Parameters Height [mm] Weight [kg] Availability (approximate) Price without VAT
ROTO1375S 1375 W 550,00 14,00 2 - 3 weeks
1,171 EUR

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