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Control units for electromagnetic chucks

Control unit of electromagnets

When to choose control units for electromagnetic chucks:

The control units are used as the power supply and safe control of electromagnetic chucks. They allow you to set the holding force and demagnetize chucks and workpieces automatically. Each unit is equipped with a safety contact to block machine start-up if the chuck is not turned on or magnetized sufficiently. We deliver the units in a metal enclosure as standard. Optionally, these can be delivered as a control panel for direct installation on the machine control unit.


  • Clamping force control for higher accuracy and colder operation
  • Full demagnetization of the chuck and workpiece for its easy unclamping
  • Possibility of remote control of the chucks
  • Powerful control system with a microprocessor
  • Possibility to choose a design - metal box (IP54) or panel (IP00) Control of more magnets at the same time

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Catalog number Voltage Height [mm] Weight [kg] Availability (approximate) Price without VAT
M85000 850W 300,00 3,25 3 - 4 weeks
677 EUR
M85054 850W 300,00 6,00 3 - 4 weeks
736 EUR
MT125000 1250W 300,00 10,00 3 - 4 weeks
1,380 EUR
MT125054 1250W 300,00 10,00 3 - 4 weeks
1,500 EUR
MT250000 2500W 400,00 40,00 3 - 4 weeks
1,550 EUR
MT250054 2500W 400,00 10,00 3 - 4 weeks
1,678 EUR

Detailed description:

The control units for electromagnetic chucks are an essential part, because they convert the alternating current from the mains into direct current which is necessary for operation of the units. The motherboard with microprocessor makes it possible to control the holding force and the automatic demagnetization. An indisputable advantage of the power setting for the chucks is more economical operation, meaning a reduction in warming and more precise operation.

The control unit allows you to control demagnetization efficiently - you can demagnetize the workpiece and the chuck completely, which facilitates the operator’s work when unclamping the workpiece.

To enhance the operator’s safety, the control unit is completed with a magnetizing current sensor, which indicates a low level of magnetization. A safety contact in the control unit prevents the machine from starting up if the magnet is not switched on or if a sufficient holding force is not available.

Important parameters:

  • Fully adjustable holding force
  • A current transformer to check the magnetization current
  • Power voltage control
  • IEC standard in compliance with European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC Control panel extension for installation into the machine
  • Safety contact - the machine will not start up when the holding force is too low

Additional information:

Selection of the right control unit depends on the input power of the chuck or on the total input power in the case of more chucks. If you need help, contact us.


  • For controlling and safe operation of electromagnetic chucks


  • Bedienung und sicherer Betrieb der Elektromagnet-Aufspannplatten

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