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Permanent lifting magnet Revolift

After years of experience with our top-quality Neolift permanent lifting magnets, Walmag is coming up with a new product for everyday steel handling.

Magnetic chuck Mastermill

Mill, grind and drill efficiently. Electro-permanent magnetic chuck is used for quickly clamping workpieces and allows industrial machining from 5 sides.

Permanent lifting magnet Neo

Make use of neodymium magnets that have a higher bearing capacity than other suspension lifting magnets of the same size. NEO is suitable for lifting and handling.

Magnetic chuck Neomicro

Work with high holding force of neodymium magnets during surface grinding. Neomicro permanent magnetic chuck is a simple and low maintenance clamping device.

Magnetic chuck Neomill Compact

Take advantage of the high holding force of the Neomill Compact permanent magnetic chuck. It is suitable for clamping workpieces during drilling, planing, grinding and milling.

Hand demagnetizer HD

It will easily demagnetize large and complex components. The hand-held demagnetizer can be used everywhere and it is equipped with a large handle and a push button for easy operation.

Circular permanent magnetic chuck Neostar

Do facing work, inner and outer diameter machining of the workpiece in one operation. Permanent magnetic round chuck is perfect for turning and circular grinding.

BM battery lifting magnet

Work with an extraordinary lifting power of the suspension lifting battery-powered magnet with remote control. It is suitable where workpieces, forged pieces and metal sheets are handled.

Electromagnetic chuck BJP

Make your production more efficient by this simple and easy workpiece replacing. BJP electromagnetic chuck suitable for surface grinding will be helpful with it.