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Poles  Polohoha pólů k délce upínače


Circular grinding

Circular magnetic chucks with permanent neodymium magnets are suitable primarily as accessories for centre grinders, but these can be used also for clamping on other machines. The chucks with radial poles on the top plate are designed for turning and grinding mostly round and ring shaped workpieces. The advantage is the possibility to machine the face, the inner and outer diameter of the workpiece in a single operation. Magnetic chucks with parallel poles can be used for finishing grinding.

The best-selling chuck for circular grinding is the Neostar with radial poles and a powerful dual system with neodymium magnets. The Permagrip chuck is equipped with a robust top plate and a waterproof construction.


Circular permanent magnetic chuck Neostar

Do facing work, inner and outer diameter machining of the workpiece in one operation. Permanent magnetic round chuck is perfect for turning and circular grinding.

Permanent magnetic chuck Alustar

Work with the permanent magnetic chuck with a unique construction with a screw-type switching mechanism when turning and circular grinding.

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