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Electro-permanent magnetic chuck for grinding Grindmaster

When to choose a magnetic chuck for grinding Grindmaster:

The Grindmaster series magnetic chucks are designed for grinding a very wide range of workpieces, from virtually small and thin to larger pieces. The electro-permanent technology used ensures not only high accuracy (it does not gradually heat the chuck after switching on), but also high safety and minimum operating costs.


  • high clamping accuracy (“cold” magnetic system with permanent magnets)
  • minimum operating costs - only a short electric pulse
  • high operational safety (the workpiece is fixed by permanent magnets even in case of power failure)
  • high and uniform holding force across the active surface of the chuck
  • the chuck and the workpiece can be fully demagnetized
  • several pole pitch variants for different workpieces
  • alternating North/South poles
  • STD input voltage 340 VDC (other voltages available on request)

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Catalog number Chuck dimension Height [mm] Weight [kg] Availability (approximate) Price without VAT
GM200400T5 200x400mm 68,00 30,00 on request
On request
GM200500T18 200x500mm 90,00 59,00 on request
On request
GM200500T5 200x500mm 68,00 37,00 on request
On request
GM200600T18 200x600mm 90,00 71,00 on request
On request
GM200600T5 200x600mm 68,00 44,00 on request
On request
GM300600T18 300x600mm 90,00 106,00 on request
On request
GM300600T5 300x600mm 68,00 66,00 on request
On request
GM3001000T18 300x1000mm 90,00 177,00 on request
On request
GM400600T5 400x600mm 68,00 88,00 on request
On request
GM400600T18 400x600mm 90,00 145,00 on request
On request
GM400800T18 400x800mm 90,00 188,00 on request
On request
GM400800T5 400x800mm 68,00 118,00 on request
On request
GM5001000T18 500x1000mm 90,00 288,00 on request
On request
GM6001000T18 600x1000mm 90,00 354,00 on request
On request
GM6001500T18 600x1500mm 90,00 530,00 on request
On request

Detailed description:

The Grindmaster electro-permanent magnetic chuck is highly accurate and can hold both small and thin parts as well as larger workpieces. A short electrical pulse is sufficient to turn it on and off and thus very economical. It has a high level of safety, where workpieces are still held by means of strong permanent magnets in the event of a sudden power failure. We can offer you several pole pitch variants. The chuck has a holding force of up to 120 N/cm2 evenly distributed across the surface of the chuck.

Important parameters:

  • Application: Grinding
  • Technology: Electro-permanent
  • Pole pitch: T5 4+1 mm or T18 15+3 mm
  • Holding force: up to 120 N/cm2
  • Poles: Transverse


  • clamping of small and larger workpieces during grinding


When to choose the control unit for electro-permanent magnetic chucks:

The EPCU units are used to control all electro-permanent chucks from the WALMAG MAGNETICS range. Using short electrical pulses, magnetization and subsequent demagnetization of the chuck and the workpiece (without undesirable residual magnetism) are performed. These units can be easily connected to the machine tool control system.

Advantages of control unit

  • suitable for controlling all EP chucks (compensated and non-compensated systems)
  • controlled demagnetization of the chuck and workpiece (possibility to modify the demagnetization programme for various types of steels)
  • high operation safety – the units monitor the magnetization status, optional detection of connected chuck (with smart remote control)
  • clamping force control for different workpieces
  • units are equipped with operating data logging system for easier service
  • possibility to interconnect multiple units online when installing large sets of magnetic chucks (CU networking)
  • can be connected to the machine tool control system
  • the standard delivery includes simple remote control for even more convenient operation of the magnetic chuck
  • possibility to control more fixtures in a set
  • available in 2 versions – module for direct integration into the machine, or metal cabinet with compact dimensions
  • imput voltage: 110 – 480 VAC/50-60 Hz
  • various types, depending on the size of the clamping set (consult this matter with our experts)
Model W (mm) L (mm)
GM200400 200 400
GM200600 200 600
GM300600 300 600
GM400600 200 600
GM400800 400 800
GM500950 500 950
GM6001000 600 1000
GM6001200 600 1200
GM6001500 600 1500
GM7001410 700 1410

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