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DM table demagnetizer for manual and belt demagnetization

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We recommend using the DM table demagnetizer where quick and simple demagnetization of tools and both flat and small cylindrical components is needed. The device is suitable not only for manual demagnetization, but it can be integrated into a production line very easily, for example, under a conveyor belt.


  • Different sizes of demagnetizer working area according to your needs
  • You can enlarge the work area by using more demagnetizers side by side Also suitable as part of a production line, for example, under a conveyor belt

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Catalog number Parameters Height [mm] Weight [kg] Availability (approximate) Price without VAT
DM3 230 V 87,00 8,50 1 - 4 days
380 EUR
DM4 230 V 87,00 13,00 1 - 4 days
487 EUR
DM5 230 V 87,00 18,00 1 - 4 days
654 EUR


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