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TM-801 digital meter for measuring residual magnetism

Digital measuring TM-801

When to choose a TM-801 digital meter for measuring residual magnetism:

The TM-801 digital mobile meter is used for measuring residual magnetism in workpieces and components which were handled by lifting magnet or clamped on magnetic chuck. It is also suitable for measuring the magnetic properties of materials or the magnetic flux of motors. Everyday measuring will be facilitated by practical probe for better measuring availability and with its high capacity battery and battery life of up to 160 hours.


  • Large measuring range in several modes
  • Optional displayed output in G (gauss)/ mT (millitesla)
  • Selectable mode with high resolution for more accurate measuring result
  • Possibility to connect to a computer via USB
  • Probe for better accessibility during measuring
  • Battery life 130 - 160 hours

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Catalog number Range Height [mm] Weight [kg] Availability (approximate) Price without VAT
TM801 0-3000 mT 30,00 0,25 5 - 6 weeks
964 EUR

Detailed description:

The TM-801 digital mobile meter for measuring residual magnetism is used for measuring residual magnetism arising during workpiece machining, e.g. by clamping in magnetic chucks and in other applications. Residual magnetism can have undesirable after-effects for manufacturers resulting in cost increases. For example, components sticking together will disrupt smooth production. Metal fragments that spontaneously attract to components impair accuracy and reduce the life span of tools. Excessive levels of magnetism may lead to customer complaints. For elimination of residual magnetism, you can use our handheld, table, or tunnel demagnetizers.

Important parameters:

  • Application: Measuring magnetism
  • Technology: Electrical/battery
  • Battery life: 130 - 160 hours
  • Range: 0-3000.0 mT


  • Measuring residual magnetism
  • Measuring the magnetic flux in products where magnetic chucking is used
  • Measuring magnetic flux in motors
  • Measuring the properties of magnetic materials

Scope of supply:

  • Meter in a leather case


Model W (mm) L (mm) H (mm)
TM-801 64 140 30

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