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Neo lifting permanent magnet is suitable also for round materials

When to choose a Neo permanent lifting magnet:

The Neo magnet is widely used for handling ferromagnetic materials in the metal industry – in workshops, on building sites, in warehouses for semi-finished steel products, when handling steel workpieces, tools, sheets, metal profiled sections, tubes, and bars. The Neo permanent lifting magnet is intended for use in production plants where an emphasis is placed on enhanced safety. Thanks to strong neodymium magnets, it has a higher lifting capacity than other magnets with similar dimensions.


  • Simple Easy Switch control – the lifting magnet can be switched easily, quickly, and safely.
  • The Air Gap test – a tear-off test is carried out with the air gap - we place emphasis on higher safety in real operating conditions.
  • Robust lifting eye made of stainless steel.
  • 5-year warranty for the magnetic system.
  • Capacity table for easy reference right on the magnet body.
  • The magnet meets the 3+ safety factor - verified by the tear-off test.
  • A compact body with only two recessed screws.

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Catalog number Lifting capacity Height [mm] Availability (approximate) Price without VAT
(valid for EU flag EU only)
150 kg 120.00 1 - 2 weeks
On request
300 kg 180.00 1 - 2 weeks
On request
600 kg 180.00 1 - 2 weeks
On request
1000 kg 236.00 1 - 2 weeks
On request
1500 kg 273.00 1 - 2 weeks
On request
2000 kg 273.00 1 - 2 weeks
On request

Detailed description:

It easily handles flat, round, and cylindrical loads with emphasis on safety and convenience. We test each individual magnet for break-away force with an air gap to simulate real operating conditions. The magnet body is highly resistant to mechanical damage, the bearings are secured, so their life span is longer. The magnet features a versatile lifting eye design for easy suspension. The magnet enables load handling at a maximum temperature of 80°C.

Important parameters:

  • Application: Lifting
  • Technology: Permanent
  • Nominal lifting capacity for flat material: up to 2000 kg
  • Nominal lifting capacity for round material: up to 1000 kg
  • Temperature: max. 80 °C
  • Safety factor: 3+ (tested according to EN 13155)


  • Handling flat, round, and cylindrical workpieces
  • Lifting of profiled sections and sheets

Scope of supply:

  • Magnet with label
  • Instructions for use
  • Certificate
Neo drawing


Model W (mm) L (mm) H (mm) Eye diameter (mm) Weight (kg) Workload limit flat materials (kg) Workload limit round materials (kg) Min/max diameter (mm)
NEOL150 60 93 120 10 3 150 65 50/100
NEOL300 100 152 180 16 10 300 150 60/200
NEOL600 120 246 180 20 21 600 300 65/270
NEOL1000 146 306 236 20 40 1000 500 100/300
NEOL1500 165 374 273 20 69 1500 750 150/350
NEOL2000 165 478 273 20 90 2000 1000 150/350