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Heavy handling magnetic systems

Our heavy handling magnetic systems are able to help with handling almost all materials with magnetic properties. With the help of  electro and electropermanent magnets.

Heavy handling magnetic systems

With our magnetic systems, you can handle, for example:

  • sheets both individually and in bundles
  • slabs, continuous castings, and other semi-finished products
  • profiled sections, tubes, pipes of all kinds, individually and in bundles
  • reinforced steels
  • coiled sheets
  • steel mill balls
  • foundry iron materials and scrap iron

We deliver magnetic lifting beams in optimised design for the individual needs of every customer. You can choose:

  • fixed magnetic lifting beams
  • telescopic magnetic lifting beams (manually, electrically or hydraulically expandable)
  • rotary magnetic lifting beams
  • combined magnetic lifting beams for mechanical handling using chains, stacking cradle storage systems, tongs, etc.

Great effectiveness and care for lifted loads with the highest assurance of safety.

With our magnets, you will easily obtain multiple time savings as compared with mechanical handling with grippers, chains, etc. The operator is not forced to move in the immediate vicinity of the material, and laborious distribution of material in order to use slings is also avoided. We professionally consult with renowned designers on the most suitable application according to the ordering criteria. We are suppliers for crane manufacturers, who implement our systems in their projects. We also deliver directly to user companies according to their tasks. We design and optimise the processes for handling steel and, based on this, we help modernise existing equipment with the utilisation of customised magnetic lifting. Of course, warranty and after-warranty service, spare part deliveries, and periodic certification and maintenance are available.

Handling systems - examples of application:

Handling sheets

Handling sheets

  • magnetic lifting beams for sheets of all dimensions
  • usual sheet thickness from 3 mm for individual pieces
  • tip off function i.e. dropping individual sheets
  • gradual magnetization function for pre-selection of the necessary power for the required sheets at the first stroke?
  • possibility of various types of telescopic lifting beams
  • standard back-up in case of power cut for 20 min. with immediate start-up, on-line battery status check, possibility of remote system diagnosis, prompt service
Magnetic lifting system

Handling at flame cutting machines

  • increase in machine tool productivity by ultimate shortening of time for removal of burned pieces from the table
  • remove the entire burned pattern at once and separate the burned pieces while your machine works on another piece
  • quick and efficient handling of whole bundles
  • quick picking of individual items by means of telescopic poles for individual material
  • tip-off function i.e. discharging individual profiled sections, tubes, square tubes, etc.
  • possibility of mechanical add-ons for handling chains or for pallet hooks (stacking cradle)
Handling material in coils

Handling material in coils

  • possibility of both vertical and horizontal handling
  • elimination of mechanical damage, e.g. to the edge of sheet metal in coils
  • enhanced effectiveness of the storage space without the necessity of handling aisles
  • Handling of coils:

    • for handling coils, we tailor to individual requirements, e.g. a smaller system with lightweight battery-powered magnets
Scrap magnets

Scrap magnets

  • electromagnets for all kinds of scrap
  • we design the required optimum diameter and power

Sophisticated, highly technologically advanced power supplies for electromagnets:

  • model with transformer or DC converter with dynamic demagnetization


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