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Neopower pallet magnetic chuck for milling and grinding

When to choose a Neopower pallet magnetic chuck:

The Neopower pallet magnetic chuck is used for clamping of medium large up to large components on automatic machining centres. It is suitable for heavy and high speed milling, five-axis machining, drilling, threading and heavy grinding.


  • Significant holding force of 160 N/cm2 due to double magnetic system with neodymium magnets
  • Solid and stable steel structure
  • Practical handle for quick repositioning of the chuck
  • Clamping surface with a constant magnetic force up to the edges

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Catalog number Chuck dimension Height [mm] Weight [kg] Availability (approximate) Price without VAT
NEOP240240P 240x240 mm 63,00 28,00 4 - 5 weeks
1,155 EUR
NEOP280280P 280x280 mm 63,00 39,00 4 - 5 weeks
1,243 EUR
NEOP320320 320x320 mm 60,00 46,80 4 - 6 weeks
1,567 EUR

Detailed description:

The Neopower pallet is a magnetic chuck offering a strong holding force during workpiece clamping which is generated by the neodymium magnetic system. You can be sure that the components will be held reliably even during machining of small workpieces.

During milling, drilling and heavy surface grinding, you have access to the workpiece from any side and you can even carry out several operations at the same time without the necessity of any other manoeuvring of the workpiece. Practical and easy-to-grasp handles allow you to move the chuck quickly to another machine for subsequent clamping during machining. This maximises the use of your chuck.

Important parameters:

  • Application: Milling
  • Technology: Permanent
  • Holding force: 160 N/cm2
  • Min. workpiece size: 75 x 75 x 10 mm
  • Poles: Transverse
  • Regrinding limit: 8 mm
  • Pole pitch: T19 15+4 mm (steel/epoxy resin)

Scope of supply:

  • Magnetic chuck Instructions for use


  • Clamping of medium-sized up to large components Heavy and high speed milling
  • Five-axis machining Drilling and threading Heavy grinding


Model W (mm) L (mm) H (mm) Weight (kg)
NEOP240240P 240 240 60 27
NEOP280280P 280 280 60 37
NEOP320320P 320 320 60 46

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